Dog Training for Owners

Whilst other little girls were dreaming of sparkles and princess dresses, I dreamt of fur and 4 paws and I'm now lucky enough to be able to live my dream every day helping people give their dogs the best they can. I've worked professionally with dogs in many different capacities for the last 4 years, gaining hands on experience guiding clients to ensure their dogs are happy, healthy and well balanced. I don't train dogs, I guide you to ensure you're getting the best out of your relationship with your dog. We offer dog training and behaviour modification on a private basis, no village hall classes here. We hope to offer an insight into why our dogs behave the way they do, instead of just fixing symptoms of dog behaviour. When owners understand their dogs and communicate in a way the dog can understand, both you and your dog will benefit greatly.



Relationship. The most important part of your training journey. This requires putting the value in you before everything else. Through structure, play, enrichment, and fulfilment, you will have the dog you always wanted. 

Play. Knowing how to play with your dog is a game changer for your relationship. Through movement, trust and appealing to the hunter in your dog, you can elevate your play style.

Enrichment. Ensuring you are understanding and meeting your dogs individual needs through learning, play and physical exercise. The key to achieving a truly happy dog is fulfilling their needs. 

Structure. Creating clear and concise communication methods and setting your dog up to succeed. Achieving balance between home and dog life can be tricky to navigate - solid structure and communication system will help keep harmony at home. 


"Can’t recommend Kate enough! Such an amazing trainer who tackles issues from so many different angles depending on what is needed and best suited at the time.
She’s been incredible with us and has given us so much confidence, even offering day school during lockdown so our dog hasn’t missed out on any sessions.
Our pup has such a great bond with Kate it’s brilliant to see!"

Jurgen's Owner


"Kate’s insight and knowledge about how best to support me and my dog has transformed our training. My 1 year old dobe/gsd cross and I have a long way to go but I’m so grateful I’ve found Kate as a trainer. Her passion and patience has inspired me to just keep being consistent and I’m now thinking about learning more about scent-work.

Highly recommend for all and any issues you have or if you just want to learn more about how to enjoy the precious time we have with our dogs."

Karen & Diesel




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