We like to do things a little differently at The Modern Canine, bringing years of expert knowledge and continued professional development with a range of theoretical study and hands on workshops to have the most up to date knowledge and techniques to what we do every day. We offer dog training in a variety of settings, including 121 consultations and easy to follow video guided training as well as private face to face help too. With all courses you will be given access to lots of free video guides as well as helpful information on a variety of topics. 


Here at The Modern Canine, we believe firmly in training owners how to train their pets to get the most of out their them and we hope to offer an insight into why our dogs behave the way they do, instead of just fixing symptoms of dog behaviour. When owners understand their dogs and communicate in a way the dog can understand, they will benefit greatly.

Formerly known as Kate's Paws Pet Services 


You're amazing as what you do! Made our lives so much easier with your knowledge. Thank you!

Eddie & Klein's Owner (Online 121)

If these faces don’t brighten up your da

Thank you so much for your time, it was incredibly useful.

Willow's Owner (Online 121)


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