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We are a hobby breeder of high quality show type English Cocker Spaniels. We believe in responsible breeding with an emphasis on breeding fantastic pet dogs that are eager to learn, environmentally stable and solid all round pets. Our breeding dogs are Kennel club registered, health tested in line with breed recommendations, as well as hip and elbow scored too. They are first and foremost our family pets and are treated as such in every way possible. Our dogs, including their offspring have a home for life with us.


Raising Puppies

Bringing new life into the world comes with it a huge responsibility - we do not take this lightly. Everything we do from how we select, raise, train and expose our breeding dogs will have a direct impact on their puppies. We follow early neurological stimulation protocols, as well as a rigorous exposure procedure from the moment they are born in order to set them up for their best possible start. It is not enough to simply have the puppies around loud noises and children from a young age. We make sure our puppies are introduced to a huge range of textures, smells, sounds, sights and get started on vital training for you too. A puppies first 12 weeks is so critical to their success in life, having a breeder who understands the importance of this will greatly impact your lives together.


To register your interest and apply for one of our dogs, please contact us via the email address below. Please note, there will be an extensive criteria and contract for our puppies including breeding endorsements, please be prepared to discuss in detail your lifestyle and what type of home you will be offering our puppies.

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