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At The Modern Canine we prioritise focussing solely on supporting our clients through their training journeys.

The Programme covers taking your dog through basic manners to full off lead freedom to truly take advantage of everything that life can offer your dog, we want to work alongside you as committed owners to achieving these goals for your pet, to make sure they are getting the enrichment they deserve and require to be happy and well-balanced pets. 

There are some criteria for each dog to be achieving at each level to ensure they are ready to move onto the next step. Time between steps will vary depending on each dog and their individual goals (locations may also have an impact due to limiting numbers on each group). We want to work alongside like-minded owners to achieve their goals for their dog and to ensure their safety at all times. Our services are usually run in public settings and we will not risk the safety of your dogs before they are ready. 

Step 1 - These are solo services of 30 minutes where we will work through a basic level of obedience with your dog, and will include introducing a marker system to ensure communication with your dog is seamless, begin loose lead walking training to ensure a calm and controlled mind set and building engagement with the human handler, encouraging recall to the human as well as introducing travel manners (all our vehicles are fitted with bespoke crating systems for safe travel) and beginning social exposure to our stooge dogs. 

to graduate from step 1 your dog will need to achieve the following 

- loose lead walk reliably in a pair and 1 on 1 in a variety of settings 

- focus on the handler around distractions (dogs, other animals and people) reliably

- understand sit and down stays for short durations 

- understand walking to heel without putting pressure onto the lead 

- be calm and controlled around stooge dogs

Step 2 - Once graduated from step 1, your dog will be moved onto small groups of 3 at a time for a 45-minute session with our specialist pack walker Nicki to continue building on their skills learnt during step 1 around distractions like other dogs. Here we will continue building recall behaviours for your dog whilst ensuring they are kept safe and working towards being neutral to their surroundings. 

To graduate from step 2 your dog will need to achieve the following 

- loose lead walk reliably in a group in a variety of settings

- calmly travel without excess vocalisation

- be able to recall away from distractions (dogs, other animals and people) reliably

- reliably perform sit and down stays around distractions

- be able to walk out of position without dragging into a lead or long line 

Step 3 - Once graduated from step 2, your dog will be invited to join our most exciting walk, with the off lead freedom that they crave during a 90 minute walk in a variety of locations to keep your dog enriched and happy. This is our top tier service for the very best of good boys (and girls) that includes all the structure and training of steps 1 and 2 with the freedom of being safe off lead. 

Special services

As well as the above, we offer 

Friday Field sessions - bi weekly on Friday mornings, this will remain a structured service with the aim of practising recall for our step 2 dogs in a safe environment. These will be bookable on a first come first serve basis and open to level 2 and 3 dogs. 

Field and Coast Adventure Treks – once monthly adventures run on the last Friday of the month. 

Service costs 

  • Step 1 £15 per 30 minute session (a minimum of 2 sessions per week will apply) 

  • Step 2 £16 per 45 minute session (a minimum of 1 session per week will apply)

  • Step 3 £22 per 90 minute session (a minimum of 1 session per week will apply) 

  • Friday field sessions £18 per 1 hour session 

  • Field and Coast adventure treks £30 per 2 hour session 

We are happy to use tools such as e collars and prong collars to support your training goals. 

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