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Modern Canine: The Walks

Structured dog walking for owners with high standards. 

The Walks support your training and take your dog through basic manners to full off lead freedom to truly take advantage of everything that life can offer your dog, we want to work alongside you as committed owners to achieving these goals for your pet, to make sure they are getting the enrichment they deserve and require to be happy and well-balanced pets. 


The Process

Join our introductory sessions to get your dog ready for group walks, during these sessions we will introduce a marker system, build on your dogs obedience while working them around our stooge dogs too. During these sessions we will also introduce your dog to our vehicles and ensure they can travel safely and calmly. Typically dogs will spend a maximum of 2 weeks completing their introductory sessions (a minimum of 3 sessions per week are required during this stage). 

After settling in, your dog will join our Trainees group, a small group of 4 dogs allowing us to concentrate on your dogs individual needs while providing controlled social exposure. We will build on the skills learnt within the introductory sessions to include recall around distractions and neutrality. 

Once your dog has nailed the basics in the Trainee sessions, our Adventurers are fully off lead reliable and living their best lives, running with friends and continuing their exposure to different environments and honing their advanced obedience skills. 

Special services

As well as the above, we offer 

Day Care - for dogs with a little more energy, they can spend the day with us with a minimum of 2 hours walking time. 


Field and Coast Treks – Special trips a little further away from home turf for that extra enrichment, minimum of 2 and a half hours walking time. 


Service costs 


  • Introductory sessions £13 per 30 minute session (a minimum of 3 sessions per week will apply) 

  • Trainees £17 per 60 minute session (a minimum of 1 session per week will apply)

  • Adventurers £20 per 90 minute session (a minimum of 1 session per week will apply) 

  • Day care £25 per day 

  • Field and coast treks £28 per walk 

We are happy and well versed in the use of tools such as e collars and prong collars to support your training goals. 

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