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Why would you employ a dog walker?

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

A question I get asked a lot, is what makes someone hire a dog walker? Can't they just walk their dog in the morning and when they get home from work? And the simple answer is yes, they absolutely could. But hiring a professional dog walker goes far beyond just stretching the dogs legs, and as we all know, life isn't always so simple. What happens when you get held up at work in that meeting you didn't want to go to in the first place, or your mum can't pop in to let the dog outside because she's at a yoga retreat or when you've asked so many favours from your sister in law that it's starting to feel like you should be paying her! A good dog walker will enhance the exercise routine a dog already has with its owner and provide mental stimulation as well as physical, while gaining the social skills that are essential to being a well rounded dog. Not only this, professional dog walkers have tons of experience working and usually living with dogs, they've usually seen it all. They're not just here for full time workers or long holidays, experience shows dogs who have the opportunities to explore and fulfil their needs are happier, better behaved dogs and who doesn't want that for their pet?!

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