"I can’t thank or recommend Kate enough. I never thought I’d see the day when Dudley is walking or sitting nicely side by side with another dog, both off lead and on lead. Kate has helped me understand Dudley a lot more, what to correct him on and how to make both him and myself feel comfortable. Turns out my anxious lil self was a huge part of the problem all along. Together with Kates help, me and Dudley have come on leaps and bounds together!"

Sian Callaghan


Kate is an amazing trainer, she is so friendly and knowledgeable and it really shows the minute you meet her! We have had a few problems with Louie and she made us feel at ease and understand him as a dog better. She always makes sure every question you have is answered and leaves you feeling much more confident everytime you meet her. Thank you so much Kate I just wish we had found you sooner.

Bex Fountain


Kate’s been there every step of the way with Willow who turned 1 this week. 
The advice and support has been immeasurable and Willow wouldn’t be the puppy she is without Kate’s expert advice

Nicola Hearfield


Very friendly and reassuring! Really good support and advice on my 8 month old Lurcher.

Shauna Alden

Kate is very professional, supportive and helpful. Raising a puppy is an amazing experience, but can also be overwhelming at times. The one-to-one sessions helped us to regain confidence and have clear plan. Many thanks!!!

Gosha Shtasel

We adopted a 11 yr old Staffie a year ago who had a quite stressful demand barking problem. As soon as my feet touched the floor in the morning, he was barking at me for food, to go out etc. Similar problems around human meal times, it made tea unbearable. Kate gave us several techniques to try and we had such a massive turn around very quickly, it was amazing. He's improved immensely and is a more well rounded happy dog. She has also improved his lead walking. She's wonderful to deal with, has great training techniques, very personable, quick to respond and we feel so lucky to have her on our dog care team. Billy loves her as do we!

Ellie Irwin