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Hello and Welcome to The Modern Canine. My name is Kate and I’m the human face behind the furry ones. Whilst other little girls were dreaming of sparkles and princess dresses, I dreamt of fur and 4 paws and I'm now lucky enough to be able to live my dream every day helping people give their dogs the best they can. I've worked professionally with dogs in many different capacities for the last 3 years, gaining hands on experience guiding clients to ensure their dogs are happy, healthy and well balanced. I don't train dogs, I guide you to ensure you're getting the best out of your relationship with your dog. We believe in giving dogs the full picture to help create well rounded dogs. 

I'm currently studying towards my Advanced Diploma in Applied Canine Behaviour Level 5. I have qualifications in Canine Body Language, Puppy Development, Nutrition and its links to Behaviour and I've taken part in a wide range of workshops to develop my skills. As well as a wide range of online courses through The Dog Training College and Canine Principles. I'm also a Scentwork UK instructor.


The Modern Canine Core Values

Relationship. The most important part of your training journey. This requires putting the value in you before everything else. 

Enrichment. Ensuring you are understanding and meeting your dogs individual needs through learning, play and physical exercise.

Structure. Creating clear and concise communication methods and setting your dog up to succeed. Em

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When you tell them all to wait 😂🐾 #wel
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When you tell them all to wait 😂🐾 #wel