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Let us kick start your training journey.

Our intensive training programme is real life training at its best. Your dog will spend their days with our head trainer Kate, learning all important life skills so they can be the best version of themselves.

The days are roughly 5 hours and run Monday - Friday consecutively, including short breaks in their day. 


Your dog will learn 

- settle in public

- walk to heel 

- recall 

- sit, down stay

And will have access too

- neutral dogs 

- new environments 

- vehicle exposure 

Duration - minimum 1 week

Price - £500


For dogs who need help overcoming behavioural challenges such as reactivity to dogs or people, resource guarding, excessive fear to normal environments are just some of the things a behaviour modification intensive training can help with.


Your dog will learn all of the above from the obedience side as well as start the journey to address their struggles. 

Duration - minimum 2 weeks

Price - £1200

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